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This is the story of how I invented the Best Donut Recipe...

If you are tired of making donuts that don't come close to the ones that are sold in shops or if your donuts are good but not quite right read on!

Today I've finally overcome my laziness and am about to reveal to you, donut lovers, all my secrets to making delicious, commercial quality raised doughnuts at home!

Donuts are simple and at the same time very mystical work of culinary art. My story started a long time ago when I had a chance to go to the US (Myrtle Beach, SC) as an exchange student. I could go on and on about what a grat summer it was and how lovely the people of the great City of Myrtle Beach were. Anyway, until the first time I tried American donuts, I'd had an opinion (like most Russian people) that donuts were something very fatty, oily and disgusting which tastes not so good. To those of you who think that American donuts are fatty, oily and disgusting - come to Russia, try our doughnuts! :)

We don't have a "Coffee and Doughnuts" industry in Russia and most people are used to thinking that doughnuts are just pieces of simple dough fried in oil. When I tried American doughnuts for the first time (I believe those were ones from "Piggly Wiggly" the difference between Russian and American doughnuts became clear and actually was night and day. I understood right away why a lot of people in the US can't imagine a morning without coffee and donuts. People say: "Donut and coffee - match made in heaven" and I completely agree with them :)

Anyway, I think a good cup of coffee with a donut is something truly unbelievable. Donuts in the US don't have that oily taste; they are very fluffy and delicious. Not too sweet as one might think as well. To my disappointment when I came back to Russia I didn't find any donuts that could compare to the ones I tried in the US.

Unsuccessful recipe search. How I invented the Best Donut Recipe...

When I accepted the fact that I won't be able to find real donuts in Russia I started to search for a good donut recipe in the Internet. I've probably tried every recipe available in Russian and American internet during the last 5 years. Unfortunately not a single recipe that I've found was close in texture and taste to American donuts. Another bad thing was that the donuts I made staled too fast and if I forget to put them in a bag they would become a bunch of rusks on the next day while American donuts can be pretty decent after resting on a table uncovered for a day or two.

I was almost despair when suddenly an idea hit me: "I can invent my own donut recipe!" I started googling baking theory, read and learn everything I could find about donut making, started to investigate what ingredients a typical donut mix consisted of. I found a lot of information but to me, an inexperienced person, it didn't make a lot of sense."SSL", "licethin"..."What does all this stuff do??", "How much do I need??", "Where do I get them??" I thought. Then I remembered that my mom used to work as a chemist long time ago and I decided to ask her to help me find the formula.

After reading some books on baking and with the help of my mother I finally knew what each ingredient in the donut mix did. Unfortunately not all of them were available at local stores, therefore I had to cut the number of ingredients to the most essential and replace some of them by their alternatives. Later I decided to add a little bit of personality into my recipe in the form of dry mashed potatoes (I'm sure it made them taste even better).

After a series of trial and errors I finally started to make stable good batches of fluffy, delicious, awesome-looking donuts that could rest on a table for a day or two uncovered and stay pretty decent :)! I could proudly say that my donuts had the texture, look and taste of those American doughnuts. The most difficult thing to achieve was that white ring around a donut which indicates that donut is light and fluffy. If you use my recipe you'll always have that ring around your donuts! :)

Happy Donutmaking!!! :)

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